Escape Rooms

The Escape Hatch is excited to announce it’s Pop-Up rooms! We have partnered with Ai-Kon to offer a 20-minute experience that is FREE with admission.  Visit Ai-Kon for information on the convention.

Room 1: Dr. Villainous’ Secret Lair! (60 minutes, 4 to 8 players)

Calling all available heroes!

Dr. Villainous has once again threatened to set off a doomsday device and we cannot let this stand! Beware heroes, this nefarious Scientist is a part of the EVIL Villains In League (E.V.I.L.) and should not be dismissed.

But we need your help! You and your team will have 60 minutes to find the secret entrance to Dr. Villainous’ lair and disarm the device. Our Intel indicates his lair is hidden within what appears to be the front of pet store. You’re going to need all of your wits about you on this mission, the Dr. has been known for toying with his enemies through the use of puzzles.

Good luck!

The ideal group size for Dr. Villianous` Lair is  between 4 to 6 people.

Current Escape Rate: 38-41% Success
Quickest Escape: 30:05 left on the clock
Number of Clues Used: 0
Team name of current champions: BAC’N

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Room 2: The Riddle of the Vampire (60 minutes, 4 to 8 Players) –

The townsfolk are on edge as rumours of a vampire have begun to spread.   Thankfully the stories have reached the ears of your friend and esteemed hunter: Van Helsing.

Can you and your team help him to decipher the riddles of the madman Renfield and drive a stake through the heart of a vampire? The sun sets in one hour; everyone is counting on you!

Note: Although the room has a horror theme, there are no jump scares and the content is safe for ages 12 and up.

The ideal group size for The Riddle of the Vampire is 4 to 6 people.

Current Escape Rate: 25-35%
Quickest Escape: 37:38 left on the clock
Number of Clues Used: 0
Team name of current champions: Expedious Escapers


Room 3: To Be Announced!